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Search and book Taskers Nearby

Taskers is a free platform brought to you and sponsored by Neighbouroo "Ireland's Private Social Network For Neighbourhoods"

Get anything done by finding help nearby

Get all your tasks done for your home or business in a few clicks. No fees from us. Choose trusted local taskers. Theres someone around the corner who can help.

Taskers is part of Neighbouroo a trusted community for neighbourhoods


Tell us what you need done!!

Post a Task. We alert local Taskers that task suits.. They make a bid.. You choose.. Its that simple..

Get anything done.

Find designers, photographers, tradesmen, babysitters. Taskers is a marketplace for all trades not just online

Post a Task and chat directly with our Taskers before you choose..

Post a Task

Choose a Category, how you want to Pay and Post. e.g. Paint two rooms approx budget €100

Wait for offers

Chat directly with our Taskers and only when your happy accept their Bid.

Looking to earn some extra money or get new leads for your business? Become a Tasker..

Become a Tasker. Work where and when you want. Bid for tasks that suit you. Or even offer for free to help out your neighbourhood.